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Ideas to Make Your Business Halloween-Friendly

Halloween Tips for Various Venues

Trick or treat? Many businesses are realizing that Halloween can mean a significant opportunity to market your goods in a different way. In 2022, Halloween spending was estimated at $10.6 billion, according to the National Retail Federations’ annual survey. It’s not just pumpkin patches and haunted houses that can benefit. But you may wonder how the Halloween spirit applies to you? Here are just a few examples from different business types:

creative witch with black waffle cone hat, green ice cream, and candy eyes in a white cup


Ice Cream Shops

Ice cream shops are typically into their slower season by the time Halloween hits. Give business a boost by promoting Halloween specials. Transform your waffle cones into witches’ hats. Add monster eyes and candy corn as toppings. Consider selling special limited-time fall flavors like pumpkin ice cream. Offer a discount to kids who come in costume.

close-up of colorful sugar-coated gummy worms

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are the Halloween candy destination, but what could they do to generate more sales? With gourmet popcorn, you can offer a fresh alternative. For example, mix popcorn with gummy worms for a creepy treat that kids will love. Add seasonal flavors such as caramel apple. Play it up by decorating your popcorn shop and have an associate hand out samples in costume. And don’t forget to advertise party trays for those Halloween parties – even better if they are themed. (To find out more about the grocery store sweet shop setup, download our free guide, In-Store Snacking Solutions.)

squares of praline pumpkin spice fudge with autumn background colors

Coffee Shops

Pumpkin spice practically fuels coffee shops in the fall months. Why not add other items to your menu that appeal to that flavor trend? Pumpkin Spice Popcorn or Praline Pumpkin Spice Fudge would make complementary additions. Just for fun, you can also use food coloring to make your whipped cream a Halloween color like orange or green. Create your own kids’ drink, give it a name like Witch’s Brew, and advertise it.

bowls of halloween popcorn, including black, orange and green colors

Movie Theaters

At the movie theater, popcorn takes center stage. Put a Halloween twist on it by using Orange, Green Apple, and Black Cherry flavored popcorn. If you offer nachos, you can use food coloring to make the cheese appear like green slime. Or consider selling ghoulish cotton candy. Spin it in a green or orange color, then add a small plastic spider before bagging.

Getting into the Halloween spirit doesn’t have to be tricky… and it may just be a treat when it comes to generating sales. Learn more by checking out our Spooky Fall Flavors. Or contact one of our concession specialists who can help you determine a solution that can meet your needs year-round.