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Unique Concession Food Ideas - Deep-Fried Foods

Concession stands continue to get more and more creative with their menu items, always pushing the limits of what customers may come to expect with foods that are at first shocking, then tempting. After taking the risks, the benefits pay off as customers show their willingness to wait in line for these unusual treats. Unique deep-fried foods in particular can draw a crowd at fairs, festivals, and other events.

View 5 unique concession food ideas catering to fans of deep-fried snacks and treats:

Chicken fried bacon.

1. Chicken-Fried Bacon

A fair vendor in Texas tried his luck with this combination with a recipe that involves battering bacon just as you would prepare fried chicken. The results? Best Taste at the Big Tex Choice Awards.

2. Fried Avocados

Leave it to California to find a way to serve this delicious fruit in a unique way. To create this snack, large chunks of avocados are rolled in corn dog fryer batter and fried, then served with ranch dip or herb-infused oil.

3. Pizza Cones

Not that there’s anything wrong with ice cream, but we do love pizza. Take a pizza crust and form it into a cone, then fill it with pizza ingredients such as tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, and/or peppers. It’s delicious and easy to carry.

4. Fried Coke

By now you’ve probably heard of fried Twinkies® (Hostess Brands, LLC), Oreos® (Intercontinental Great Brands LLC), and even butter, but what about fried Coca-Cola? This creative treat involves cola-flavored batter that’s fried and drizzled with Coke syrup. A similar (perhaps call it more advanced?) treat showed up in Texas when a food vendor used fried-beer ravioli made of pretzel dough, filled it with beer, fried it, and then topped it with nacho cheese.

A peanut butter and jelly sandwhich deep fried with batter.

5. PB&J On a Stick

If you like to stick with the tried-and-true, you can always rely on America’s favorite packed lunch: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Cater to festival customers when you put it on a stick, deep-fry it, and dust it with powdered sugar.

Still looking for new fair food ideas? You can always make and sell some of these unique creations at your concession stand:

Corn on the cob wrapped with fried bacon strips.

  • Chocolate-covered bacon
  • Peanut butter pineapple pork burger
  • Deep-fried pretzel-crusted brownie on a stick
  • Bacon-wrapped corn on the cob
  • Deep-fried grilled cheese
  • Fried chicken and gravy in a waffle cone

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What’s the most unique food concession idea you’ve tasted and/or sold?  

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