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Sports Bar Menu & Marketing Ideas for Game Days

A beer and popcorn on bar table with a orange tinted background

Elevating Game Time with Unbeatable Snack Strategies

For restaurants, sports bars, and entertainment venues, game time equals snack time! Game days are a perfect time to embrace unique menu ideas and creative marketing strategies that bring customers in and keep them coming back for more. Capitalize on the fans' demand for delicious, easy-to-enjoy snacks by implementing food ideas and promotions that are sure to attract hungry customers.

man holds hot dog but background is blurred

Introduce Game Day Promotions

Kick things off by rolling out attention-getting game day specials. A "Home Run Hot Dog" paired with a craft beer brings the true stadium feel. (Check out hot dog machines here.) Boost sales by giving a discount to customers dressed in team apparel. Offer game-day favorites such as nachos, popcorn, corn dogs, and other concession snacks. Because concession foods are affordable, it makes it easy to customize pricing and earn high profits, while providing great value to your customers. These promotion ideas can help bring customers into your sports bar on game day and lead to increased sales.

little american flags on table with red white and blue popcorn

Show Your Team Spirit

Another way to capitalize on game day at your sports bar is to sell popcorn in your team’s colors! This can be a signature item that you prepackage and sell in souvenir containers that fans will love to collect. Because popcorn costs so little, you also have the option to use it as a complimentary snack to help boost beverage sales. (Find different ways to make flavored popcorn in your popper!)

youth sports team wearing jersies with player number facing camera

Connect in the Community

If you want to increase foot traffic to your sports bar or restaurant, get engaged in the community. Businesses can volunteer to sponsor local kids’ teams or adult community leagues. Get your logo on jerseys (which is great advertising) and invite teams to come celebrate at your venue after the game.

a fully loaded burger with fries on a sports themed table

Use Creative Menu Item Names

Have fun with your food names! Crafting unique and memorable names will add to the game day experience. Picture your guests ordering All-Star Appetizers or a burger that’s named after your favorite mascot. You can also sponsor a contest where customers enter their own name suggestions for a particular menu item. (Check out Signature Shakes® for ways to flavor up burgers, wings, fries, and more!)

friends smile and toast with their beers

Keep Them Coming Back

Extend the excitement beyond game day. Get guests to return to your sports bar or restaurant by offering them a coupon that’s good on non-game days. It’s a low-cost way to encourage repeat business at off-peak times.

Partner with the Pros

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