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How Super is Your Advertising?

It used to be that you had to actually watch the Super Bowl to see the ads. Advertisers spent big bucks to keep your attention and pulled out all the stops to top the other guy. From the Bud Bowl

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5 Ways To Improve Your Creativity Today

By: James Clear Founder, Passive Panda One of the greatest skills that a business person can have is the ability to be creative. It’s common to think that creativity is only something that “artsy” people need, but the need to

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Free Shipping Day Drives Online Traffic

Nowadays, consumers have countless retail options and everyone is looking for the best deal. Businesses need to get creative in order to drive sales. For the fourth year in a row, entrepreneur Luke Knowles has brought together small and large

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A Secret to the Upsell: Keeping it on Kid Level

Recently, I was fortunate to sit in on the amazing Larry Etter’s certification class for becoming an Accredited Concession Specialist. Although he taught it on behalf of the National Association of Concessionaires (NAC), the lessons applied to any savvy sales

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Time to Change the Script!

Just another personal experience of (un)sound customer service from your truly… As Director of Marketing it’s my job to spot marketing trends, data and opportunities for my company. As a lifelong student of marketing, It has become second nature for

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Successful Popcorn Promotions

Remember, if you plug it in and forget it, your customers may forget it too. Therefore, even though your profit percentage may be cut by a promotion, you do not spend percentages, you spend gross profit dollars that you take

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How to Advertise your Small Business

With unemployment on the rise and many companies tightening their belts, the thought might have crossed your mind as to whether you may be the next to be downsized. Even if the axe should fall in your direction at some

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