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Success Story: KroyKorn Gourmet Popcorn

The Inspirational Story Behind KroyKorn Gourmet Popcorn

Sometimes success can come about in surprising ways through unexpected circumstances. 2020 was a challenging year for Minke Richardson. Her 7-year-old son, Kroy had recently been diagnosed with autism. When the pandemic hit, as a single mom, she, unfortunately, lost her job and had to care for Kroy full-time. In the midst of the uncertainty, she worked hard to give him a sense of normalcy. One night, they planned a family movie night. Kroy had always been a lover of popcorn and he asked his mom if she could make chocolate popcorn. Minke decided to indulge her son’s request, but little did she know what it would spark. Soon, they were coming up with more flavors and word spread to friends and family.

The Start of the Business

It quickly became apparent that there was a demand for their unique gourmet popcorn. And Minke saw the potential for this to not only be a business but a way that Kroy could learn new skills and thrive. KroyKorn was born as a home-based popcorn business.

Now, 8 years old, Kroy has been a natural entrepreneur throughout the process. He’s helped with all aspects of the business from popping popcorn to coming up with flavor ideas, labeling, making flyers, and even doing interviews. His favorite part is taste-testing. “He’s the mastermind,” says Minke, “I am his employee.”

Kroykorn's pink gourmet popcorn

A Flavorful Menu

KroyKorn offers a menu with an assortment of innovative flavors. It includes traditional favorites like a caramel and cheese mix, as well as signature flavors like banana puddin’, peach cobbler, and strawberry cheesecake. They also offer seasonal flavors for summer and Christmas time. And currently, they are developing specialty vegan varieties. Kroy’s favorite flavors are caramel corn (which he loves to eat when it's warm) and cookies and cream.

Welcoming Community

Located on the south side of Atlanta, the community has truly embraced KroyKorn. They are often approached as they drive through town in their KroyKorn-themed vehicle. They’ve worked on events with the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, AT&T, and even the mayor of Mobile, Alabama reached out to them to supply popcorn for their Mardi Gras celebration. They’ve shipped as far away as the Netherlands.

Largely fueled by word-of-mouth and social media, KroyKorn sells its popcorn through the website, Their “Karmel Korn” is also available for purchase through Amazon. And they are on Door Dash (for delivery in the College Park area of Georgia). Currently, they are also working with Minke is overwhelmed by the response they’ve received. “I don’t even know where everyone is coming from,” she shares.

Plans for the Future   

In the future, Minke plans to invest in more equipment to help keep up with the demand. As the operation grows, she hopes to one day have a popcorn shop storefront.

Minke expressed her gratitude stating, “KroyKorn has truly been a blessing in so many ways. And through this experience, seeing Kroy overcome the challenges of his diagnosis has been incredible.” One of Minke’s goals is to encourage children with disabilities to dream big and never stop dreaming.  Their motto in both words and actions is, “You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.”

For more information or to order, visit and follow KroyKorn on Instagram or Facebook.

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