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6 Reasons Why Selling Fudge is a Smart Business Decision

With so many ways to sell fudge, you’re sure to be impressed by what it has to offer. Take a look at this checklist and imagine how fudge can work for you!

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Don't Skip Thanksgiving! Sweet Treat Sales in November
The holidays bring ample opportunity to sell sweet treats and Thanksgiving is no exception. These snack and dessert ideas are a great fit for the Thanksgiving table or for any fall gathering.
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Fun Fudge Flavors
Fudge isn’t just for the holidays. It can be a year-round treat that is enjoyed on special days or any day! Take a look at a dozen of our best fudge recipes, along with promotional suggestions, tips, and more.
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Restaurant Finds Sweet Addition with Candy and Caramel Apples
Fair foods are beloved by many, including restauranteur, Johnny Fleeman. Find out how he is using fair food to innovate his restaurant’s menu.  
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Why Selling Fudge is a Smart Business Decision

Discover the top reasons fudge can be a best-seller at your location! Learn more from Gold Medal and Sweet Selections® Fudge.

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5 Holiday Menu Ideas to Make Customers Smile This Season
Christmas-themed candy and tasty sweet treats add value to your menu during the holiday season. Get ideas for gourmet popcorn, waffles, peppermint bark, and fudge flavors.
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The History of Caramel and Candy Apples

While candy and caramel apples may appear pretty similar, they have distinct histories. Let’s compare them, “apples to apples.”

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5 Fudge Sales Promotions You’ll Want to Try

How can you motivate customers to buy? Nothing can help boost your fudge sales like the right promotion! Special promotions bring extra attention to your product and give an incentive for customers to buy now. And you don’t always have

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