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Game Time = Snack Time!

Game Time Equals Snack Time

For businesses like restaurants and sports bars, game time equals snack time! That makes it a perfect time to get out those nacho cheese dispensers, corn dog fryers, and more. Take advantage of the season by implementing key concession strategies that are sure to attract hungry customers.

• Offer Game Day Specials: Start by offering promotions on certain menu items such as corn dogs or creating combo deals. Give a discount to customers dressed in team apparel. Because concession foods are inexpensive, it makes it easy to customize pricing and still earn high profits.

• Show Your Team Spirit: Sell popcorn in your team’s colors! It can be a signature item that you prepackage and sell in souvenir containers. Because popcorn costs so little, you also have the option to use it as a complimentary snack to help boost beverage sales.

• Connect in the Community: If you want to increase foot traffic, get engaged in the community. Businesses can volunteer to sponsor local kids’ teams or adult community leagues. Get your logo on jerseys (which is great advertising) and invite teams to come celebrate after the game.

• Come up with Creative Names: Have fun with your food names! It will add to the experience when your guests are ordering All-Star Appetizers or a burger that’s named after your favorite mascot. You can also sponsor a contest where customers enter their own name suggestions for a particular menu item.

• Keep Them Coming Back: Don’t restrict yourself to just game day. Get guests to return by offering them a coupon that’s good on non-game days. It’s a low-cost way to encourage repeat business at off-peak times.

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