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6 Must-Read Concession Tips & Tricks


Get ready for that “aha” moment! We’re going to give you insight into some of the tips & tricks of the concession industry that you may not have heard before. From little-known facts about equipment to innovative ways to use supplies, you will see there’s more possibilities than meet the eye.

  • When Life Gives You Lemons – Use the Lemonator® to make lemon shake-ups as a cool and refreshing drink. Plus, the added value is that the Lemonator® serves a double duty. It can be easily converted into an apple hacker, perfect for making caramel apple chips.
  • Oh Fudge! – You can add a sweet delight to your menu with delicious fudge made with easy-to-use Oh Fudge mixes. If you want to be creative, mix in some of Gold Medal’s Flossugar to make an endless assortment of flavors.
  • The Secret to Caramel Corn – There’s a way to keep your caramel corn from melting together into a sticky mess. Free-N-Easy Candy Corn Separator helps keep your caramel kernels separate once they cool.
  • Flavored Popcorn Made Easy – Did you know you can make flavored popcorn straight from the kettle? Glaze Pop® is a convenient mix that is simply added to your kettle with your corn and oil.
  • Seasoning Shake-Up – Popcorn isn’t the only thing you can spice up with Savory Shakes. Give French fries a kick of flavor like ranch or salt & vinegar. You can also try on salads too.
  • The Sweet Life – Flavor wafers can be extremely versatile when it comes to adding to your dessert menu. You can drizzle on gourmet popcorn, add to candy apples, make Fudge Puppies or use as an ice cream topping.

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