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Friday, July 19, 2019

Popping popcorn is streamlined with Gold Medal’s new all-in-one kits

Introducing the Mega Pop® All-In-One Supply Kits, the best value in popcorn!

Gold Medal MegaPop Pocorn Kit


Now, the movie theater popcorn experience just became more accessible to more venues thanks to Gold Medal’s Mega Pop® All-In-One Kits. It simplifies the purchasing process by packaging all of the needed supplies together in one convenient package.

These custom popcorn kits mean no more hassle of buying popcorn and bags separately. Next, everything is included, so there’s no guesswork in ordering the right amount of corn or proper number of bags. Plus, the premeasured kernels, oil, and salt makes the popping process extremely user-friendly.

Available in sizes for 4-oz and 6-oz kettles, the Mega Pop® All-In-One Kits are a great fit for rental stores, schools, churches, banks, bingo halls, home theaters and more.

Each kit is structured in a series of three trays. Each tray holds 15 Portion Pak Corn Kits and 60 #3 Bags for the 4-oz.  Each tray holds 12 Portion Pak Corn Kits and 72 #3 Bags for the 6-oz.

President of Gold Medal, Adam Browning said, “What will help more people to be able to enjoy popcorn? For us, the answer was greater convenience. By creating our Mega Pop® All-In-One kits, we give them everything they need to pop up and serve the freshest movie theater style popcorn.”

To order the Mega Pop® All-In-One Kits, simply call 800-543-0862 or visit the Gold Medal website,