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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Gold Medal Launches New Products that Transform How Popcorn is Served

Introducing the ReadyServe™ and ReadyPop™, the self-serve solutions for popcorn.

Introducing the ReadyServe™ and ReadyPop™

Movie theaters, stadiums, and other high traffic venues face challenges of long lines at the concession stand. Two of the top concerns are saving on labor and keeping customers satisfied. Now, Gold Medal has introduced two new products geared at minimizing labor and giving customers convenience. The ReadyServe and ReadyPop provide innovation as self-serve solutions for dispensing popcorn.

Gold Medal's ReadyServe™

ReadyServe is an impressive 48-inch popcorn cabinet featuring a dual auger system, allowing two customers to fill their cups or bags at once. Operators simply fill the cabinet with popcorn, then individuals can dispense popcorn using a convenient push-button system. It also includes an integrated butter topping dispenser and eye-catching LED backlit sign.

Gold Medal ReadyPop™

A popper and self-serve station in one, ReadyPop is the simplest way for operators to offer popcorn. The 16-oz kettle pops the popcorn, which is then held in the cabinet until it is dispensed. Operators can pop multiple batches early in the day, then customers are able to fill cups and bags without impacting any food safety concerns. The compact footprint allows ReadyPopto conveniently fit into any available space. Convenience store, grocery, and other retail customers can enjoy a grab-and-go snack plus a fresh in-store experience that engages the senses.     

President of Gold Medal, Adam Browning shared his enthusiasm about the launch of these products stating, “Making it easier to serve popcorn opens up opportunities for so many different venues. Thanks to the input of a thorough field-test team, ReadyServeand ReadyPoptruly meet the immediate needs of the marketplace. Managers will be able to enjoy valuable benefits including, low start-up costs, minimal labor, and attractive profit margins. Plus, they can offer customers an experience that they can’t find at competitors.”   

On April 2-4, attendees at CinemaCon will be able to see ReadyServe in action at the Gold Medal booth, #707F. Features, specifications, and more information can be found at ReadyServeReadyPop and our page on self-serve popcorn machines.