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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cash In With Caramel Corn

Cash In With Caramel Corn

Cincinnati, Ohio

Making 78% or more profits just got easier. The #2626 Karamel Baby makes it simple for anybody to profit from caramel corn sales. This sweet treat creates a sense of nostalgia and brings back fond memories. It taps directly into the current trend of families spending money on comfort foods that remind them of simpler times.

The Karamel Baby is an inexpensive way to add freshly baked caramel corn to any business, creating year-round profits. The 2.5 gallon cooker/mixer is compact and durable. It's also a cinch to run thanks to the powerful Brute Force drive motor and electrical heat control. The machine runs on a standard 15-amp plug and doesn't use a lot of electricity. The cooking cycle is only 20 minutes, and the enticing aroma will bring customers in and have mouths watering for this unique treat.