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Friday, October 22, 2010

Attract Attention and Sales with a New Look

Cincinnati, Ohio

The legendary Cone-O-Corn has a new a look (item #2067). The bright yellow and red design quickly catches attention to boost profits. Plus, businesses can save money and space with Cone-O-Corns. They are 1/3 the cost of scoop boxes and 5,000 Cone-O-Corns can be stored in 5.6 cubic feet.

They will also keep profits popping thanks to its unique appearance that looks like it holds more than it does. (One Cone-O-Corn holds less than 1 ounce, but can retail for $1 or more thanks to the higher perceived value.) The shape is also easy to hold, making popcorn even easier to eat on the go.

Attract Attention and Sales with a New Look


Businesses can also increase their branding with custom printed Cone-O-Corns. It's a low cost way to quickly drive more sales. Every container is a walking advertisement as customers enjoy the delicious popcorn.