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Why Prepackaged Snacks Make a Great Concession Stand Food Option

Prepackaged Snacks: Easy Food to Sell to Make Money

If you’ve been interested in starting a food business, or already sell concession stand food and are not generating the profits you hoped, prepackaged snacks could be the solution you’re looking for. There’s a lot more to prepackaged foods than candy bars and potato chips! Learn why they can be both big profit makers and big crowd-pleasers.

  • Convenience is key. If your goal is an easy food to sell to make money, prepackaged foods are the clear winner. No prep is involved, and staff needs minimal skills to serve customers. Your equipment needs are limited to storage and possibly cheese or pretzel warmers.
  • The speed factor. With just moments between taking customer orders and serving food, wait times in your line decrease significantly. Customers can get back to their seats quickly at ballgames or move on to other attractions at festivals. Shorter lines mean happier customers and more profits for you.
  • Waste reduction = cost savings. Every bit of food you prepare that doesn’t get sold is a drain on your finances. With prepackaged snacks, what you don’t sell at the end of the day doesn’t go against your bottom line and is available for your next event. The long shelf-life of prepackaged items gives you more breathing room in your budget, especially if you’re just getting started and gauging customer interest.

Gold Medal Gourmet Popcorn showing various flavors

Prepackaged Concession Food Ideas

If you’re concerned about customer satisfaction, you can stop worrying. There are so many delicious options! Here are just a few you might consider.

  • Nachos and cheese. If you associate selling nachos with a messy slow cooker, think again. Portion Pak cups are perfect for serving delicious nachos without mess or waste. You can also offer pre-bagged bulk chips.  
  • Pretzels. Easy and tasty, Meister Bake® pretzels can be warmed and served with toppings like cheese or mustard, or served right from the package.
  • Cotton candy. Purchase packaged cotton candy to sell, or make your own in advance. Stored in an airtight bag in low humidity, cotton candy can stay fresh for several days.
  • Popcorn. From ordering bulk packaged caramel corn to popping and bagging traditional corn in advance, popcorn gives you plenty of options.
  • Fudge. With a longer shelf life than other baked goods, fudge lets you offer sweet treats without worrying about waste. Prepare a batch and package in display boxes to entice customers.

With Gold Medal’s concession supplies, you don’t have to sacrifice quality when you choose prepackaged snacks. Customers will love the taste of your food and the convenience and speed of service.

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