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Pop More, Save Money, and Go Green

Pop More, Save Money, and Go Green

Cincinnati, Ohio

Now, it's even easier to attract new customers and meet the demands during busy times, while keeping costs low. Gold Medal continues to lead the industry and set trends with the latest innovations: the new energy efficient Super Pop Maxx kettle and EcoSelect popcorn bags.

The 16-oz. Super Pop Maxx kettle has a unified heating element, which uses the lowest possible energy with the maximum popping capacity. (Businesses can make 16 of the 32-oz size bags of popped corn every three minutes.) It also saves valuable counter space-it has the same footprint as the 12/14-oz. Pop Maxx-and can be run on a standard 15-amp plug.

Businesses can also "go green" with the new, eye-catching laminated popcorn bags. The bags, which are made with EcoSelect natural-fiber papers, tap into the red-hot trend that promotes the use of environmentally friendly products. They're also grease resistant to keep the butter topping from coming through the containers. The bags are FDA-compliant and are manufactured using a heat-sealed bottom to prevent leaks. They are available in 32, 46, 85, 130, 170 oz. sizes.