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More Businesses Can Now Make 82% Profits or More

Cincinnati, Ohio

Now, it's even easier for businesses to make money with rich, delicious caramel corn, which has an average of 72% to 82% profits. Gold Medal offers packaged caramel corn with a best by date of 6 months.

They're easy to store and simple to market—they'll practically sell themselves. It's also a great add-on to existing product lines, generating year-round traffic, or is perfect for businesses wanting to try caramel corn sales before purchasing a machine.

Caramel corn is a sweet anytime treat that continues to grow in popularity. The corn is made from the finest recipe and high-quality ingredients that have made Gold Medal an industry leader since 1931.




In addition to the packaged caramel corn, Gold Medal offers a complete line of caramel corn machines and supplies to outfit any size location from the 2½-gallon Karmel Baby for smaller needs to the large 20-gallon Karmel King for large venues.