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How to Setup and Operate the El Nacho Grande Cheese Dispenser


Video Transcript

0:00 ⦋ Opening Title ⦌

0:06 Before you begin make sure you have read and understand the operator’s manual, installation instructions, and all other safety instructions before setting up and using this equipment. Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service, or maintenance can cause property damage, injury, or death.

0:24 Any alterations to this equipment will void the warranty and may cause a dangerous condition.

0:29 Once you have removed all packaging and tape, place the unit on a sturdy level base. If decals need to be installed, reference the decal installation section of the manual.

0:39 Prior to use, clean the unit following the care and cleaning instructions found in the manual as well. After cleaning is complete, you are now ready to plug in the machine.

0:48 Note, make sure all machine switches are off before plugging equipment into receptacle.

0:53 Before turning on the machine, insert one unopened bag of product into the upper cheese bag tray.

0:59 After the bag of product is inserted, close the door and turn the power switch on.

1:06 Let the unopened bag in the dispenser preheat to a minimum serving temperature of 140F. From room temperature, that takes about 4 hours.

1:14 After preheating, you can install the bag of cheese. The dispenser is equipped with a bag support tray to hold the bag of cheese in use and an upper cheese bag tray to hold a bag of cheese for prewarming, which is currently holding your preheated cheese.

1:20 ⦋Basket Liner and Bag Cheese Installation:⦌

1:33 To start, you need to remove the upper cheese bag tray with product inside and set it aside

1:41 Next, you need to add a basket liner to the bag support tray opening to provide support for the product bag

1:47 To get your product ready to install into the cheese dispenser, make sure you have a new dispenser tube ready

1:53 First, pull the ring on one cheese bag to remove the fitting cover.

1:58 Take your new dispenser tube and affix the tube to the bag fitting. The dispenser tube will pierce the inner seal of the bag as you install the tube. Make sure the cap is securely threaded onto the bag fitting.

2:11 Next, place the cheese bag in the support tray with the spout and tube directed toward the front and downward through the tray opening.

2:18 Next, open the tube clamp by turning the cam counterclockwise. Then, guide the tube through the pump slot from top to bottom.

2:26 Close the tube clamp by turning the cam clockwise.

2:29 Before you close the dispenser door, place a second unopened bag of cheese in the tray to begin preheating for your next bag.

2:35 Now you are ready to enjoy your nachos and cheese. Watch the cheese pour into your tray, then dip and enjoy!