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Dip Into Profits with a New Tasty Treat

Dip Into Profits with a New Tasty Treat

Cincinnati, Ohio

Funnel Fingers are a new twist to a concession classic with amazing profits (typically more than 75%). This deliciously fried snack is easy to make, easy to serve, and easy to eat. Plus, it's simple to keep lines moving, as staff can quickly pour 6-count servings into the molds, creating the perfect, tasty walking food. The long, skinny shapes of Funnel Fingers™ are also ideal for dipping and on-the-go eating. Pair them with icing cups, chocolate sauce, fruit toppings, and whipped cream to further increase profits.

Contact Gold Medal Products Co. today for more information on Funnel Fingers and a large assortment of gas and electric funnel cake fryers. The fryers offer quicker recovery and serving time. Branches and dealers are located across the nation and around the globe to give fast, reliable service. For more than 78 years, we’ve helped businesses create the tasty treats that keep families coming back for generations.