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Cash In With a Hot, New Item

Cincinnati, Ohio

Saratoga Swirls®: A New Fun Food

  • Stand Out From the Crowd
  • One Machine Makes Multiple, High-Profit Items
  • Low Food Costs, But High Selling Costs
  • They are the Perfect Walking Food
  • Everything Sells Better On a Stick

Be the first to offer your customers the hottest new treat. Saratoga Swirls® are an irresistible, easy-to-eat snack with incredibly low food costs (approx. $.22 without toppings), and average selling prices of around $3.50. This makes it the perfect food for multiple locations/venues, as customers will line up to taste this tempting treat they can't easily buy at every corner store!


Cash In With a Hot, New Item


Saratoga Swirls® are spiraled around a stick, making them easy to eat and carry. Shake on Savory Shake flavors or dip into ketchup, BBQ, or more. The versatile #5280M also makes ribbon fries they are typically served off the stick in the tray and apples. Ribbon apples are another sweet, fried treat that has a low food cost, and stops people in their tracks and opens wallets to splurge on this unique goody. Complete the package with 18-inch skewer sticks (#4159), plus check out Gold Medal's free, instructional video on

These new products are just another way Gold MedalSaratoga Swirls® is revolutionizing the concession industry. For more ways we are helping businesses increase their profits, contact us at any point for a branch/dealer near you at (800) 543-0862 or [email protected]. Also, check out our updated, easy-to-search Web site and interactive catalog at