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Big Profits from a Smaller Tumbler

Cincinnati, Ohio

Now, it's even easier for businesses and fundraisers to enjoy the profit power of sweet or savory popcorn. The new #2705 Mini Tumbler makes it simple to tailor the amount to crowds and store it right in the container—cutting down on waste and increasing returns.

The Mini Tumbler holds 2½ gallons of popcorn with the lid off, and 4½ gallons of savory products with the lid on (to allow for the tumbling action). Plus, the machine saves time by gently mixing the flavors onto the corn in the stay-fresh container. The options are endless with additional tubs for storage of multiple flavors.


Big Profits from a Smaller Tumbler


The Mini Tumbler pairs well with the new #2403 15-lb. Cheddar Classic® pails (also available in 30-lb. tubs). Larger size mixers/tumblers are available (up to 10 gallons), as are multiple savory and sweet mixes.