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4 Ways to Bring Gourmet Popcorn to Your Grocery Store

Explore the Options Grocery Stores Have for Selling Popcorn


It’s more than just movie theaters. There’s a new hot spot for popcorn. It’s your local grocery store! Grocery stores are realizing the power of this popular and profitable snack. Not only is it delicious and customizable in an endless array of flavors, but popcorn also delivers average profit margins of 70-80%.

In-store popcorn shops are growing in numbers as the public embraces the opportunity to bring their favorite gourmet popcorn flavors home. If you work in a grocery, deli, or bakery, now is the time to explore the options for selling gourmet popcorn in your store.

1. Popper Placement

One of the simplest ways to get started popping is to place a popper in your store near the bakery. The live action of the sounds and aroma of the popper will attract customers’ attention. You can then package and display the finished product for ease of purchase. While this does limit you on flavors, it is relatively low cost and offers attractive profit potential. There are even self-serve models available, like the ReadyPop® 16-oz popper.

Gold Medal Sweet Shop Setup

2. Sweet Shop Setup

This is the ultimate in fresh gourmet popcorn setups. Completely customized to your unique needs and specifications, this operation prepares you to make caramel corn, cheese corn, and other flavors like sweet glazed, fruity, savory, and more! You can also add in other products like cotton candy, caramel apples, fudge, or frosted nuts to enhance your store’s fun food destination. The shop provides an in-store experience that draws customers in and gives you more creative control. Gold Medal helps step-by-step with design services, financial planning, marketing, and more.


3. Bulk

Not ready to commit to a complete setup? You don’t have to miss out. Gold Medal offers the option for you to purchase our ready-to-eat popcorn in bulk, which can then be packaged and sold at your location. This is one way to test how a gourmet popcorn setup could work for you. Packaging options allow you to structure and price the product as you see fit.


4. Private Label

Yes, you can create your own brand of gourmet popcorn. Whether in-store or commissary produced, we can equip you to successfully manage your private label program. The advantage is you gain brand recognition and loyalty with your customer base, plus the product can be distributed via the channels you select.


From large to small, there are options for grocery stores of all sizes. We encourage you to contact your Gold Medal branch or distributor and speak with one of our concession specialists today to discover which option may work best for you.

And to learn more about our equipment for grocery stores, download our FREE guide, In-Store Snacking Solutions.