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Cotton Candy’s Flavor Revolution

Cotton candy has come a long way since its invention in 1897. Not only has its name changed from “Fairy Floss” (the name “cotton candy” didn’t catch on until the 1920s), but its production method has also changed with the

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Importance Of Creating An Ongoing Business Plan

One of the basic steps of starting a new business is the creation of a documented business plan. Not only is this needed for securing business loans and financial backing, it is an integral part of preparing a business for

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Establishing Business Goals for the New Year

Every year, when the ball drops and the calendar changes over, people begin making their New Year’s Resolutions. Many of those resolutions will be abandoned by spring, but there is some value in setting and actively working towards goals at

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Creating A Good Relationship With Your Small Business Banker

The days of personal service in banking seem to be gone. There was a time when a bank manager would know each business account holder by their first name and would have intricate knowledge of their business and accounts within

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Bacon Mania: Inside the Trend

The bacon craze is one of the biggest food trends of recent years. Bacon mania has resulted in the proliferation of numerous bacon-flavored foods and bacon novelty items, some of which are almost too strange to believe. So what’s the

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Benefits of Having a Business Attorney for Your Small Business

Many people view attorneys as professionals you only call when you are need legal documents, or worse, are in legal trouble. However, a business attorney should be looked at as a partner in your business, similar to your accountant or

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The Pros and Cons Of Hiring An Accountant For Your Business

Many business owners, especially smaller businesses, often choose to do their own bookkeeping. With new technology available, including accounting software, it has become easier for even a business owner with little bookkeeping knowledge to handle their own accounting. However, while

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How Did Corn Dogs Get Invented?

Corn dogs, the perfect mix of sweet and savory, are a fun snack or a meal that features a hot dog, coated in a layer of cornmeal batter that has been deep fried and is served on a wooden stick

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