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Concession Stand Food Ideas for Youth Sporting Events

Get Your Youth Sports Concession Stand into Full Swing

Just as movies go hand-in-hand with popcorn, many sporting events are associated with specific snacks. In order to capitalize on these popular food and sport combinations, concession stands should advertise food pairings, both classic and creative, at youth sporting events. Using the following ideas as a guide, could you help set your business apart by strategically selecting foods to promote during youth sporting events? Discover concession food ideas tailored to youth sporting events, from baseball, football, and soccer games to swim meets and more.


Four gourmet hotdogs sitting on a wood platter.

Hot Dogs and Youth Baseball Games

One of the most popular pairings of sporting events and concessions is the classic experience of enjoying a hot dog during a baseball game. Concession stands that recognize this traditional pairing and offer hot dogs at youth baseball and softball games can satisfy fan cravings and generate sales of this traditional snack.

High-quality hot dogs, such as Eisenberg, will enhance fans’ game-watching experience and help create repeat customers. Be sure to offer toppings such as ketchup, mustard, and relish so customers can choose their favorite additions and savor the snack exactly the way they like it. If you have a corn dog fryer, that’s also sure to be a hit with kids.



Girl eating a waffle topped with whipped cream and chocolate.

Waffles and Early Morning Events

While youth baseball, football, and other games typically take place in the evening, many sporting events occur early in the morning. To appeal to the crowds at these events, concession stands should offer waffles as an enticing early-morning breakfast item. For parents and fans at an early morning soccer game, swimming competition, or track meet, a warm waffle will be a welcome treat.

Consider a package deal where the purchase of a waffle comes with the choice of coffee, orange juice, or chocolate milk. To further attract customers, offer the chance for individuals to add their favorite topping to the waffles, such as chocolate chips, blueberries, or whipped cream, for a small additional fee.

If space and resources allow, consider setting up a “waffle bar” where customers can choose from the various toppings and customize their own waffles. Kids will enjoy being able to choose from the offerings and creatively decorate their waffles with fruit, powdered sugar, syrup, and other delicious toppings. (Shop waffle makers now!)



Two families eating popcorn near the concession stand.

Kids Menu and Kids Sports Games

In order to tailor the products offered at the concession stand to meet the needs of customers at youth sports games, consider advertising a kid's menu. The menu, available to children 10 years old and under, should reflect smaller serving sizes and come at a lower cost. Because younger children often do not eat as much as an adult, parents will appreciate not having to spend money on adult-sized portions that may be wasted.

Include products such as juice boxes and easy-to-eat finger foods. Perhaps create a healthy meal package consisting of, for example, sandwiches on whole-grain bread with a granola bar and cup of applesauce. On cold days, offer hot chocolate to help the kids stay warm during the event; on hot days, offer slushies or Sno-Kones for a cool treat.


Grab-and-Go Items for Any Event

Especially during busy times of the day, having grab-and-go products on the menu can improve efficiency in the concession stand and keep the customer line moving quickly. These items, such as packaged popcorn, portion pack nachos and cheese, and Meister Bake® Pretzels, eliminate prep time and enhance convenience for both employees and consumers. A quick-moving line will ensure that customers will not miss too much of the sporting event they are watching, and the hassle-free experience will encourage them to come back for additional products as needed. There are a number of prepackaged items that offer your concession stand favorites in convenient grab-and-go packaging. This allows you to save on labor, as well as enjoy a longer shelf life. Prepackaged concession snacks are a great option for any youth sporting event, including:

  • Baseball games
  • Football games
  • Basketball games
  • Soccer games
  • Swim meets
  • Track meets
  • Tennis matches
  • Hockey games
  • Karate Tournaments
  • Gymnastics competitions

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