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Taste the Future: 2024 Flavors to Watch

A female chef holding an tablet in a kitchen

Discover the Latest Flavor Trends to Hit Concession Foods

Adding new flavors is a way to add excitement to your menu, capture the attention of new and existing customers, and enjoy the creativity it brings. Not to mention, new flavors can allow you to reach untapped markets and boost your sales.

Each year, the search is on for the trending flavors that will define the marketplace. As tastes and preferences evolve, the food and beverage industry seeks to find out what flavors will resonate with customers in the coming year.

Looking for new ways to add flavor to your concession food menu in 2024? While there are plenty of flavor trends shaping the culinary landscape, let’s take a look specifically at flavors making an impact on concession foods. From bold and exotic to sweet and indulgent, there’s something for every taste!

A bowl full of red habanero peppers with green stems

Habanero Maple Bourbon: A Fiery Sweet Symphony

There’s a growing love for complex, multi-dimensional flavors among consumers. Creating flavor combinations that meet this need is key. Habanero Maple Bourbon takes three individually compelling flavors and combines them together for an extraordinary, blended taste experience. The fiery heat of habanero peppers offers a contrasting kick to the sweet, subtle maple undertones and the depth of a smoky bourbon. This diverse, yet harmonious flavor combination flows together seamlessly.

This flavor profile takes gourmet popcorn to a new level. It is great when paired with your favorite beer. Or imagine it as a rub for wings. It is a bold seasoning that is certain to have customers coming back for more.  

A pot of chili in cast iron pot on table with cheese and bread next to it.

Sweet Chili: The Crowd Pleaser

Described on the Today Show as the “era of ‘swicy,’” sweet and spicy flavor innovations are largely driven by the demand of millennials and Gen Z. According to the market research firm, Datassential, sweet and spicy pairings on menus are up 38% in the last year.

Performing well in taste-tests, Sweet Chili is the ultimate crowd pleaser. It awakens the taste buds with a balanced flavor that is mild yet crave worthy. Try it with chili cheese fries to enhance the flavor. Or explore how Sweet Chili can make popcorn a standout snack, perfect for game day or other social get-togethers.

Cotija cheese blocks on wood cutting board surrounded by vegetables.

Cotija and Aleppo Pepper: A Cultural Culinary Creation

Cotija, a robust Mexican cheese combines with Aleppo Pepper, a moderately hot chili from the Middle East for a cross-cultural flavor fusion. This exciting global blend is ideal for those that enjoy flavor exploration. It can be used to season anything from chicken and shrimp to vegetables. For concession foods, it is versatile and can be used on popcorn, burgers, street corn, or even chili.

For a unique flavor experience that also appeals to a wide audience, Cotija and Aleppo Pepper delivers the benefits that food service decision makers appreciate. It caters to a wide audience, differentiates offerings within a competitive market, and provides customers with a flavor profile that they can’t find elsewhere.

Peaches in a bowl and on a table.

Peach: A Sweet Statement

Perhaps one of the most popular sweet flavors is Peach. Recognized as the Flavor of the Year for 2024, Peach resonates with a refreshing fruit flavor and a soothing, nostalgic quality.

It is prevalent across many food and beverage categories including candy, teas, yogurt, and frozen treats. There are multiple opportunities for peach in concession foods such as a tempting, candy-coated gourmet popcorn flavor. It can also be used for cotton candy, as a new spin on the classic sugary treat that all ages will enjoy. Or use it to dress up peach-flavored cocktails. You can also get creative and make a peaches and cream funnel cake topped with fresh peaches and whipped cream. Or try a delicious peach fudge!

As a timeless flavor, Peach has emerged as a star with universal appeal and unlimited potential. It brings the taste of summer year-round. Because individuals desire scents and tastes that boost their mood, Peach is a top pick. (Shop Now: Peach Flossine and Peach Sweet Popcorn Glaze - Signature Blends®.) 

Milk and Caramel with glasses being mixed on table.

Dulce de Leche: An Indulgent Delight

Originating from Latin America, Dulce de Leche is made by slowly heating sweetened milk. It creates a product that is intensely creamy with notes of vanilla and a toffee-like richness. While similar to caramel, it is important to note that caramelization does not actually take place with Dulce de Leche. It is an enticing flavor that can be found in ice cream or other desserts. It is also common at breakfast as a topping for toast, pancakes, or waffles.

This rich flavor profile is ideal for flavoring gourmet cotton candy. It makes an excellent menu addition as it is culinary inspired yet indulgent. Dulce de Leche is a treat that will appeal to a broad audience.


When exploring new flavor options, it is important to remember that these decisions are about more than just flavors. Each flavor has the potential to tell a story, evoke emotion, and create a lasting memory. Each addition to your menu should be thought of as a tool to connect with your customers. Surprise them, delight them, and keep them coming back for more!


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