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Why Should You Sell Waffles?

a waffle with strawberries and cream on top

Top Reasons for Selling Waffles

Waffles are so much more than just a beloved breakfast food! They can be enjoyed at restaurants, ice cream shops, concession stands, food trucks, and more. This golden treat, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, is an appealing menu item for all ages. Dive into the unique benefits waffles can offer.

Timeless Classic

Trends come and go, but waffles have stood the test of time. From American diners to European cafés, waffles are delighting customers. Suitable for breakfast, dessert, or even lunch or dinner, there’s a waffle for nearly any occasion.

Versatile Options

From the traditional breakfast Belgian waffle to portable fudge puppies, creative bubble waffles, and ice cream waffle cones, there are lots of types of waffles. Completely customizable, you can use flavorings, toppings, and other ingredients to make your own signature waffles.

Profitability Matters

There’s money to be made with waffles. Waffle ingredients are relatively inexpensive, and the markup can be significant. With the right toppings and presentation, you can turn simple batter into a warm and delicious premium product.

Ease of Use

Commercial waffle makers are user-friendly and are built to make your job easier! With even heat distribution and quick heating time, your waffles are consistently high quality, and your staff can produce more in less time.

Compact and Convenient

With a small footprint, a waffle baker doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen. But don’t let the compact size fool you, it can be a powerful and profitable addition. Quick and cost-effective, a waffle baker is a wise investment.

Creative Pairings

The unlimited unique combinations make waffles even more fun! Think whipped cream, fresh berries, melted chocolate, or maple syrup for more traditional offerings. Or get creative with fried chicken, savory seasonings, or eye-catching colors. Waffles can act as a foundation for flavor!

three cones of ice cream on waffle cones

Getting Started with Waffles

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a culinary beginner, waffles are an opportunity worth exploring! An irresistible sweet treat, the aroma of fresh-baked waffles will bring in customers. Adding waffles to your menu doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out the different types of waffle makers available, investigate waffle recipes, and find the waffle mixes and supplies that you’ll need most with Gold Medal.


Discover multiple types of waffle bakers, including giant waffle cones, Belgian waffles, waffle dogs, and more. Choose helpful features like non-stick coating and electronic controls for enhanced efficiency.


Master making waffles by using accessories like the waffle cone roller, dish forming kits, and batter dispensers. The waffle cone display case is the prime way to store and show off your creations.


Start with the finest ingredients and create the taste that customers will love. From mixes, to trays, cone jackets, and more, shop Gold Medal’s Waffle Supplies now!

woman holds desert in her hands with bits of waffle cones in it.

Proven Profitability of Waffles

Waffles are a delicious investment that will pay off in satisfied customers and robust profit margins! Waffles can be considered a go-to menu item due to many factors, like affordable production costs, ease of preparation, and the ability to customize. Average profit margins can range from 57% up to 85%! Get started today and start enjoying how this high-performing menu item can benefit your business.

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