Making Your Special Event a Big Hit

Take your fundraising to the next level. Or impress attendees at corporate events and weddings. Concessions snacks are an easy and effective way to get people excited. Looking to add popcorn to your menu? Why not spice up your selection with our gourmet popcorn flavors? Create completely different menu items quickly that will wow your guests. Our team of experts has years of experience, so rely on us for affordable ideas for corporate events, fundraisers, and other special events that are simple to achieve and popular with guests.

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Fresh New Fundraising Event Ideas for Nonprofits

Fundraising Event Ideas for Nonprofits to Try

If you need some fresh fundraising event ideas, we’re here to help! Sometimes it’s good to change things up a bit and step outside your usual routine. Think about these options if you’re looking for ways to supplement your organization’s normal fundraising efforts and put a fun new spin on raising money!

Throw a Carnival

You don’t need big rides to draw big crowds for your cause. Connect with some artistic acquaintances to set up a face painting booth, balloon animal creation, or caricature drawing. Games can include a DIY ring toss (you can also use fun spray-painted wine bottles for a variation on the game), dart balloon pop, and bean bag toss. Charge a nominal fee for all of the activities.

And don’t forget the food! Concession foods generate big profits, especially when you’re fundraising for a cause. Popcorn, cotton candy, and funnel cakes are just a few popular fun foods you should sell at your carnival day. Find tips and information about selling concessions for fundraisers.

Host a Tasting

For a more upscale event, a beer or wine tasting can be lots of fun. To keep costs low, host your tasting at your own venue or other free or low-priced location and create the atmosphere with decorations. Charge a single entry fee for an all-inclusive event or price tastings at different levels, such as 3 wines for $7 or 5 wines for $10.

If you anticipate being able to draw a crowd with deeper pockets, you could rent space at a local brewery or vineyard for an authentic event. Experienced wine or beer staff provide guests with a thorough explanation of their drinks. You can also offer pairings with cheeses, fruits, or other snacks such as gourmet popcorn. Use these wine and beer popcorn pairing suggestions to get started.

Think Local and Seasonal

People love to show their hometown pride. If your town has popular local musicians, book them to play a set at your event. Is there a well-known pastor, or is the mayor beloved? Ask them to attend and give a brief speech. Make sure to spread the word about local celebrities who will be there.

Also consider selling seasonal snacks. A few possible ideas include Valentine’s chocolate and fudge in February; red, white, and blue popcorn in July; caramel apples in the fall (you can even decorate them for Halloween!); and popcorn balls in December.

Fundraising for nonprofits can be challenging, but it’s always rewarding in the end. Just keep your goal in mind as you work through planning and execution and remember that all your work is for a great cause!