Event & School Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to fundraising for special events and schools, the number one goal is to have a high profit margin. We’ve done the math for you and can report that concession foods bring in an average of 70%–80% profits, making it an ideal way to raise money. You don’t have to be an expert to see this kind of a return. Here at Gold Medal, we’re available to give you fundraiser tips from themes to concession choices and more. From training your volunteer staff to choosing the right size popcorn machine, you can browse our site for school fundraising ideas and so much more.

How to Get Your School Concession Stand Ready for the Season
Be prepared to kick off your fundraising strong by following these helpful guidelines for your school concession stand. It is sure to help you be a success!
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Unique School Fundraisers

Looking for ways to earn money for your school? Find fun and unique school fundraisers, including PTA & booster club fundraising ideas for this school year.

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How to Deep Fry Food: Tips for Making Tasty Treats and Snacks
Adding a fryer to your concession stand is a great way to increase menu items and profits at your concession stand. Here are some tips for getting started.
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7 Volunteer Recruitment Strategies for Your Fundraiser
It can be tough to get volunteer commitments from busy people. Try these ideas to get more involvement in your fundraiser activities. 
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There's an Easier Way to Get Your Concession Supplies!
Going straight to the source of concession equipment and supplies gives you access to personalized consulting and help making your snack stand the best it can be.
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Concession Industry 101: Helpful Definitions for Beginners
If you're new to the concessions industry, there's a lot to learn, but don't let it overwhelm you. Here are some common industry terms defined to help make your work easier.
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Is It Time to Limit Your Concession Stand Menu Choices?

If your concession profits are not what you hoped, one of the first places you should troubleshoot is your food selection. Limiting consumer choices can benefit your bottom line and help you raise more money.

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School Concession Stand Do's and Don'ts

A lot goes into managing a school concession stand, and it can seem overwhelming. But with a little planning, you can learn to invest your time and energy in efficient and effective ways.

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