Razor Host
Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The Most Popular Sno-Kone® Supplies Now Available in Convenient Kits

Sno-Kone kit shown with outside case, bottles, and cups


To simplify the purchasing process, Gold Medal is launching the new Sno-Kone Syrup and Cup Kits (Item #2937). These custom packaged kits contain the most popular Sno-Kone supplies: 1 Cherry Sno-Kone Syrup (25.4 fl oz); 1 Blue Raspberry Sno-Kone Syrup (25.4 fl oz); and 50 Sno-Kone Cups. Each case contains six kits, plus the case also serves as a retail merchandiser.

Ideal for birthday parties or other events, the kits are a great fit for party rental locations that rent out snow cone machines. Bringing the kits to retail, such as grocery stores, is another exciting opportunity. The attractive design and packaging make it fitting for any place that sells party supplies or concession foods.

The original Sno-Kone brand is highly recognized and holds a classic nostalgia. Since 1947, Sno-Kone has been the household name for icy treats. The cherry and blue raspberry flavors are the most popular. And the syrup uses go beyond just snow cones with sodas, ice cream toppings, cocktails, coffee, and more!

President of Gold Medal, Adam Browning is pleased to bring these kits to the marketplace stating, “With a long history, the Sno-Kone brand is both well-known and beloved. The goal of these kits is to make Sno-Kones even more accessible to the general public and keep the Sno-Kone name a familiar part of making memories.”

To learn more or place an order, visit or call 800-543-0862.