Razor Host
Friday, October 18, 2013

Simple Solutions for Sizzling Sales

Simple Solutions for Sizzling SalesNow you don’t have to sweat fading profits. Heat up summer sales and keep them climbing all year long with an enticing mix. Serve items that get noticed and have universal appeal like money-making, freshly squeezed Lemonade Shake Ups. The innovative, heavy-duty lemon squeezer—The Lemonator™ (#5314)—features cast aluminum, durable construction, and suction cups to hold the squeezer in place. Plus, the new-and-improved height easily accommodates up to a 52-oz. souvenir cup, and it’s easier than ever to squeeze the lemons thanks to the powerful lever. See this machine in action on the website -

Then, add to the profit power with mouth watering, new pre-packaged cotton candy: #3054 Sour Apple and Lemon & #3056 Tropical Fruit Pre-Packaged Cotton Candy Flavors. Bagged cotton candy can increase the bottom line anywhere, anytime, and help test the waters before buying a machine. The bags are easy to store and simple to market. So pack in the pucker power! Sour trends are still hot in markets around the world, especially with children. Reap the sweet rewards from these tongue-tingling flavors (#3054). Or, customers can enjoy the taste of sun-drenched fruits in a sweetly spun treat. The Tropical Fruit cotton candy incorporates some of the world's most popular fruit flavors in a convenient, any-time snack (#3056). The pre-packaged flavors are sold 24, 3.1 oz bags per case.