Razor Host
Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Revolutionary Hands-Free Design

Cincinnati, Ohio


Pushing a dispenser "bump bar" is obsolete, messy, and inefficient. Now, you can let the new automatic eye do the work; you just hold the popcorn bag/cup. The new #2499A Automatic Popcorn Topping Dispenser has an infrared beam that guides the dispenser to release topping when it "sees" popcorn or the container. The dispensing speed is also adjustable, so you can tailor the time to fit your needs. It holds one 35-lb. bag of product, includes an LED sign, a precision stainless steel pump, and manual push button. The #2499A is the perfect way to increase popcorn profits, cut down on waste, and serve the delicious, buttery topping that keeps customers coming back for more. This is just one more revolutionary way Gold Medal is leading the concession industry and increasing customers' profits.


Revolutionary Hands-Free Design


For more information about this product, call 800-543-0862 or go to gmpopcorn.com.