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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

New Line of Gold Medal Popcorn Tables Built for Streamlined Production

Gold medal cooker table rendering in front of a abstract blue highlighted concrete wall

Gold Medal’s commitment to innovation and efficiency continues with the launch of a line of production systems for popcorn, caramel corn, fudge, and frosted or glazed nuts. These specialized setups include robust tables, pans, and inserts, which are then paired with Gold Medal equipment to construct a full-service production system.

There are three classifications of production systems:

  1. The Pro Plant System is a table for high production of popping popcorn. It can be set up as a single kettle or twin kettle operation and is compatible with the 36, 48, and 60-oz Cornado poppers. The tables offer maximum screening efficiency with your choice of inserts, the butterfly popcorn 3/8” screening holes or the mushroom popcorn 1/2” screening holes.


  1. The Mark 5 Production Systems are equipped to work with the Mark 5 Cooker Mixer, Sweet Selections Fudge Machine, or Pralinator. You can choose the base model of the Small Combo ProPlant Base & Stand. Or upgrade to the Small Karmel Kool System, which includes a cooling insert to aid in faster cooling of the product. These tables allow for the greatest production in a relatively small space.


  1. The Mark 10 and Mark 20 Production Systems are the powerhouses of gourmet popcorn. The base model compatible with the Mark 10 Cooker Mixer is the Large Combo Pro Plant Base & Stand. This can be upgraded to the Large Karmel Kool System, which includes a cooling insert to help decrease the cooling time. Both setups include a 30-inch pan. In addition, the following models work with either the Mark 10 or Mark 20 Cooker Mixers: the Single Karmel Kool Stand (no cooling insert) and the Single Karmel Kool System (includes cooling insert). These both include a 60-inch pan. For the largest capacity production needs, the Twin Karmel Kool System has space for two cooker mixers and a large 60-inch pan.


Gold Medal’s president, Adam Browning states, “Gourmet popcorn is a thriving business. Whether you are just getting started or expanding your operation, for top-of-the-line efficiency, trust Gold Medal’s production systems. With these options, a customer can build a state-of-the-art gourmet popcorn production facility of any size.”

To learn more about Gold Medal’s production systems, we recommend connecting with one of our concession specialists by calling 800-543-0862 or visiting