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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

New Hand Sanitizing Stations Added to Gold Medal Safety Product Line

High traffic areas require practical solutions for hand sanitizing needs. To meet the standards of stores, restaurants, movie theaters, businesses, schools, and other venues, Gold Medal is introducing three options for hand sanitizing stations.

Gallon Sanitizer Wall Mount #1661
The Gallon Sanitizer Wall Mount (Item #1661) offers convenience and easy accessibility. Constructed with stainless steel, a one-gallon jug of hand sanitizer can be simply mounted to the wall, leaving doors and walkways unobstructed.

Gallon Hand Sanitizer Stand #1660
For two-way traffic, the Gallon Sanitizer Stand (Item #1660) is ideal, providing a 42-inch tall, stainless-steel standalone station that holds two one-gallon jugs of hand sanitizer. This product is suited for entrance/exit locations.

Touchless Dispenser SystemTouchless Sanitizer Dispenser

In busy lobbies, Gold Medal’s Sanitizer Touchless Dispenser (Item #2719-00-000) is well equipped to accommodate the highest of traffic. Designed as either a countertop or base model, this sleek stainless-steel station holds up to 4 gallons of hand sanitizer. For added peace of mind, the machine uses photo-eye technology to allow for touchless dispensing. Plus, the unit is mountable to a rolling base for the ability to easily move to different locations.

“Gold Medal works alongside businesses across a variety of industries to develop solutions that address real-world concerns. These hand sanitizing stations are designed to give venues the best options for serving their guests’ needs. From large stadiums to the small business owner, there’s something for everyone,” said Gold Medal president, Adam Browning.

Gold Medal’s safety product line includes hand sanitizer produced with Gold Medal’s FDA-approved and WHO-recommended formula (80% ethyl alcohol, glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide with no scent, perfume or fragrance added). The company also manufactures polycarbonate portable barriers.


Pump limiter examplePump limiters

Also announced, Gold Medal is now packaging Pump Dispenser Limiters with its hand sanitizer. Now with each case of #8888 16-oz. bottle w/pump, #8887 quart bottle w/pump, and #8886 Gallon Jug w/pump you will receive a pump limiter to assist in dispensing just the right amount of hand sanitizer.

Pump Dispenser Limiters

  • 16oz Pump Limiter (white) – 116587
  • Quart Pump Limiter (gray) – 116588
  • Gallon Pump Limiter (black) – 116589

For more details or to order, simply call 800-543-0862 or visit the Gold Medal website,

Please note, as of 3/31/2022, Gold Medal is no longer selling hand sanitizer.