Razor Host
Friday, May 22, 2009

Gold Medal Introduces The Deluxe Shav-A-Doo

Cincinnati, Ohio

Heat up summer sales with the new #1840 Deluxe Shav-A-Doo Ice Shaver. The attractive blue and silver design is just one of the many benefits that make this machine so unique.

It also has:

  • A removable Sno Pan for water drainage and easy clean up
  • A smaller footprint to take up less counter space (20" w x 14"d)
  • A single, hinged door to keep the ice cooler and clean
  • 1/3 HP durable motor to cut through ice with ease
  • User-friendly glass doors that decrease the risk of scratches and hazing



Gold Medal Introduces The Deluxe Shav-A-Doo


The #1840 is ideal for a variety of locations, including outdoor/indoor concession stands, rental businesses, campgrounds, fund raising organizations, and many others.