Razor Host
Friday, April 27, 2018

Gold Medal Employee Celebrates 60th Anniversary

It was April 1958 when 18-year-old Bill Cornett was hired at Gold Medal Products Co. He was just out of high school, newly married, and expecting his first child when he took the first step into what would become a lifelong career. This month, he celebrates his 60th anniversary with Gold Medal.

He started out in the assembly department, then spent seven years in the “Cone Room,” where cotton candy cones were produced. When the company decided to move to CNC machines in manufacturing, Bill was transferred into the machine department and became a full-time operator. Although this is where he would spend most of his career, he jokes that he has worked in nearly every department at Gold Medal, from washing windows to helping in advertising. In the 1980s, he went to the Ohio Mechanical Institute and earned his certification as a machinist.

When Bill started, he remembers the company only employed about 15 people. Now, Gold Medal has over 500 employees at 15 locations across the country. Seeing the company through decades of changes has been amazing. Bill shared, “In the younger age, we did everything by hand. Now, everything is done through the computers. It’s a different world now.”

When asked about retirement plans, he states he has no intentions of slowing down. “I have to stay active,” he says, “I intend to stick around as long as I can perform my job.”

Bill credits Gold Medal owners, the Evans family, for providing an excellent company. He has worked with four generations, dating back to founder David Evans. Bill expressed his gratitude saying, “All of them have been great. I’ve never had to draw unemployment. I’ve never been threatened with being laid off. They’ve made me feel like I’m part of the family.”

CEO and Chairman, Dan Kroeger, expressed his appreciation for Bill’s work ethic, “Bill’s 60 years with Gold Medal are about more than just longevity. We see that one person truly does make a difference. Bill’s ability to learn and grow with the company has contributed to Gold Medal’s success. We are all thankful for everything he has done and continues to do.”

Bill shared this advice for his fellow Gold Medal employees, “Do your fair share and give 100% every day.”

The company honored Bill with a companywide celebration on April 20, 2018. There, Mayor Richard Finan of the Village of Evendale presented Bill with a proclamation in recognition of his longtime service to Gold Medal

Gold Medal is fortunate to have many other long-standing employees. The company would like to also acknowledge the following individuals with 40-plus years of service:  Bob Stall, Henry Hoskins, Dan Vice, Pennie Bally, Mike French, Floyd Earls, Mike Rizzo, James Miller, Keith Stuttler, Ken Belcher, Steve Schomaker, Rob Ramey, and Chuck Chambers.