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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Automatic Hand Sanitizer & Soap Dispensers Now Available from Gold Medal

Automatic Hand Sanitizer & Soap Dispensers Now Available from Gold Medal


The marketplace expects touchless, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers that are durable and reliable. Gold Medal is responding to this need with the introduction of an Automatic Hand Sanitizer and Soap Dispenser (Item #1662).

This latest addition to Gold Medal’s Safety Product Line is designed to deliver both safety and convenience. Manufactured to be highly durable, this satin-finish stainless-steel dispenser holds 34 ounces of liquid soap or hand sanitizer. (Certain viscosity and pH requirements do apply.) It is powered by six AA-size batteries, which allow it to be located anywhere. The unit will automatically dispense when the hands-free sensor is activated. The dispenser can be wall-mounted or is also available with a Sanitizer Floor Stand (Item #1663) or Desktop Sanitizer Stand (Item #1664). This versatile dispenser is a fit for restrooms, lobbies, entrances/exits, locker rooms, and any high-traffic area.

President of Gold Medal, Adam Browning relayed the importance of this new product launch, “You can’t afford to take health and safety for granted. Now, touchless operation is no longer just a personal preference, it’s becoming an expectation. Incorporating a touchless dispenser demonstrates the wellbeing of your employees and customers is top priority.”

Gold Medal’s safety product line includes liquid hand sanitizer produced with Gold Medal’s FDA-approved and WHO-recommended formula (80% ethyl alcohol, glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide with no scent, perfume, or fragrance added). The company also manufactures high-volume hand sanitizer dispensers and polycarbonate portable barriers.

For more details or to order, simply call 800-543-0862 or visit the Gold Medal website,

Please note, as of 3/31/2022, Gold Medal is no longer selling hand sanitizer.