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What NOT to Do on Twitter



To tweet or not to tweet? There’s a lot of advice about what to do on Twitter, but equally as important is to understand what to avoid doing. To maximize your potential impact, avoid the following missteps:

  • Too Much Tweeting – While Twitter is a very active social network, you can still go overboard with posting. One common pet peeve is re-tweeting the same content multiple times a day. Another is cramming a bunch of posts into the same time period rather than scheduling them out. Remember to be selective and intentional about what you are posting.
  • Getting Personal – Do not use your business account for personal posts. This is a turn-off for most followers who are looking to get quality content from your business. Stick with posts that are relevant to your business focus.
  • Playing the Numbers Game – Too often businesses can become obsessed with trying to raise their number of followers. That’s not how to keep score. You don’t want more followers just for the sake of quantity. What matters is the quality! Provide choice content that results in re-tweets and engagement.
  • Are You Listening? – Twitter isn’t just for broadcasting; it’s for listening and participating. Make sure you are actively following and paying attention to what others are doing. Find content to respond to or re-tweet to your audience. Your Twitter feed should be well-rounded, not all about self-promotion.
  • Improper Posting – Here are some simple rules to follow. First, don’t use all caps. It is equivalent to yelling. Second, it is possible to use too many hashtags in your tweet. Three max is a general good rule to follow. And last, be sure to check spelling before posting.

Whether you’re a small non-profit, a large concession business or somewhere in between, Twitter is definitely a tool that can benefit anyone who is operating a concession stand. It can help you to stay in touch with news throughout the industry and within your community. Your foods have a forum where they can be featured and shared. Build your reputation and customer loyalty.

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