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Unraveling the Myths About Caramel Corn: Part II

Butter, Caramel, & Cheese Corn

Part I gave you some basic recipes for success, and now we’re on to debunking a few more caramel corn myths. Read on for the simple truths on how you can cash in with caramel corn and other gourmet flavors.

1. I must have a dedicated store to sell caramel corn.

False—While there are many opportunities to add onto existing businesses, there are also countless ways to follow the crowds and create your own prospects. You can quickly attract attention and cook onsite with any of the caramel corn merchandisers. You can also bring your own using stay-fresh containers, or sell pre-packaged caramel corn.

2. This will only be a seasonal business.

False—Gourmet popcorn is a 2013 Food Trend. New flavor sensations are taking over the nation and consumers are craving twists to classically loved popcorn. While it’s still a money-maker for holiday and corporate gifts, it’s also a perfect solution for fundraising, a memorable wedding favor, a decadent anytime treat, or an unexpected dessert at restaurants and food trucks.

3. I must clean my machine between each batch.

True and False—Some people will steam and clean between every batch to ensure there are no residual flavors, and others will clean the machine every two to three batches if they are using like flavors. It will depend on if you are changing flavors/colors, and how dirty the cooker/mixer gets.

4. The weather will not affect my caramel corn.

False—Humidity and altitude will have a large impact on cooking caramel corn. To combat these fluctuations, increase your heat as the humidity increases and lower your heat as the humidity decreases. (Once you’ve made the caramel corn, be sure to pack it in stay-fresh containers with a tight-fitting lid to prevent any further moisture from getting in.) Also, water boils at a lower temperature at higher altitudes. To prevent the glaze from crystallizing (or looking dull), add a little more water to prolong the cooking cycle.

5. My state doesn’t allow Trans Fats, so also I can’t sell cheese corn.

False—There are delicious 0g Trans Fat cheese pastes that your let customers savor the rich taste and are in line with regulations.

6. Finding the right caramel corn machine is impossible.

False—There is an easy-to-follow chart that can answer many of your initial questions. Plus, many authorized Gold Medal locations will be able to answer your questions and offer demonstrations.