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The Freedom of Running your own Business

Opening your own business is seen by many as part of the American Dream. As an entrepreneur, how well you succeed often comes down to how hard you work. Your earnings potential is largely influenced by what you do and how you choose to run your concession business. In many entrepreneurial enterprises, you end up becoming married to your business and have no time to enjoy or experience life outside of work. In the concessions business, you get to set your own schedule and work at your own pace. You can choose to do as many or as few events as wanted or operate during as many or as few sporting events as you think are necessary. What can be a wonderful thing about being a concessionaire is that you are not relying on other people in your company to produce revenue for you and you do not have to operate on any standard work schedule. Depending on what geographical region you operate in, the concession season may be condensed into a period of three to five months. This means that you can spend the rest of the year pursuing other ventures or just enjoying life.