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Creative Brainstorming

Creativity is a muscle that needs exercise. Yet, like our other muscles, sometimes we get busy and it’s easy to fall into a pattern where we take a path that’s known has the least resistance. Then, when it comes time

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What Every Successful Small-Business Website Needs

Having a website is a must, if you want to establish and build a successful business—large or small. Creating the perfect website isn’t an exact science, but a few guiding principles will help you attract and retain an audience of

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There is No Such Thing as Down Time

Every day we have moments that aren’t driven by deadlines and To Do Lists. Those brief moments help you re-charge your batteries, but too much down time can sap your creativity in the end. That’s why many famous companies have

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How to “Effectively” Sell

I constantly hear from salespeople that “marketing isn’t getting me leads…the leads are no good…the prospect seemed interested until I spoke with him…”as if all the salesperson has to do is wait for the phone to ring and write up

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