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Rising Temperatures = Rising Profits

Get to Know Snow Cones


What are you planning for this summer? Whether it’s fundraising, party rentals, sports & recreation, or something else, there’s one summertime concession treat that you just shouldn’t miss… it’s snow cones! Here’s why:  First, we will crunch the numbers and show how low the food costs are. Then we’ll calculate how easy it is to get a return on your investment. Plus, we’ll share some unique ways that you can attract even more customers.

Cost Breakdown


Made with just ice and flavored syrup, the food cost of snow cones is very low. Here’s a breakdown:

1 oz. RTU Syrups (avg. retail)

Sno-Kone® Cup
Spoon Straw
Ice (approx. ½ lb.)



Snow cones have great flexibility in pricing. Using a suggested retail price of just $1.50, your profit margin would be $1.28 or 85%! It’s easy to see how quickly the equipment pays for itself.

Make Your Sno-Kones Even More Fun and Profitable


Those who want to take their snow cone business to the next level have options. There are multiple ways that you can differentiate yourself, add value, and increase your profit potential.

  • Snow Cone Bar – Set up a flavor bar where guests can choose and pump their own flavorings.
  • Glow Cones – Put a glow stick inside a clear plastic cup, then place the snow cone cup inside the clear cup and watch it glow! Great for fireworks or other nighttime events.
  • Snow Cone Float – Make a cool treat by combining snow cones with ice cream! Perfect for root beer-flavored snow cones!
  • Sugar-Free – You can offer a low-calorie, no-fat dessert using sugar-free Sno-Kone® syrup.
  • Top It Off – Add toppings just like you would for a sundae! Try fresh fruits like strawberries, whipped cream, marshmallows, or whatever you can imagine!

There are a lot of possibilities and now’s the perfect time to get started. Click here to browse all the Sno-Kone® equipment and supplies.

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