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Should You Pin Your Hopes on Pinterest?

Pinterest is another hot-button social media forum that may burn bright and fade quickly, or it may be the next path to meeting new customers. It’s a simple concept and extremely addictive once you get on it. Just look at

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Breaking World Records

Funtastic Traveling Shows Carnival broke a standing World Record! During Cinco de Mayo weekend, Ron Burback’s group hosted an event in Portland, OR where they had 1,008 sombreros at one event. Their goal was to have 800 people to beat

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The Hot, New Food is on the Move

Funnel Swirls™ are the newest twists on a crowd favorite! They have the taste you can’t resist of a funnel cake on easy-to-eat, 12-inch sticks. Funnel Swirls™ are the ultimate walking food, freeing up one hand for increased beverage sales

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Prep for Carnival Season

In the concession business, fun foods are in season all year. However, depending on where you do business, your city or town might have a busy season, especially during the summer months when there are fairs, carnivals, and outdoor sporting

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Built to Last Generations

Six years ago, Mark Schmidt received a most unexpected call. The popcorn machine that fueled his first car purchase at age 15 was not only still popping, but up for sale 39 years later. His father found the 1967 Whiz

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