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How To Keep Your Customers Hungry

I had McDonald’s today.  I love McDonald’s.  I always have, and likely always will.  But every time I leave McDonald’s I feel hungrier than when I arrived.  I’ve heard it’s actually done on purpose.  That it’s a combination of the

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Serving Up Smiles

Sno-Kones® were just one way volunteers helped the community cool down and warm hearts during Independence Day. Over the last 23 years Feed the Multitudes has been assisting Metairie residents with meals, shoes, haircuts, manicures, and groceries. More than just

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Meet Ben

Because of an extremely painful, incurable disease he’s never had a real meal. He can only eat sugar, water, and the occasional potato chip. He first used a fork when he was 7-years-old because his mom made him a cake

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Concession Foods Add Flair for the Fourth

Fireworks are only part of the countless traditions that take place on the Fourth of July. Patriotic displays abound throughout cities and towns as capacity crowds fill festival grounds and line the streets for parades. Of course, food and drinks

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Popping Their Way Into History

The world is full of universal truths. One of the tastiest and simplest is that popcorn brings people together. That’s why Cincinnati State Technical and Community College capped off its month-long student appreciation activities by making the World’s Longest Popcorn

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