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Successful Popcorn Promotions

Remember, if you plug it in and forget it, your customers may forget it too. Therefore, even though your profit percentage may be cut by a promotion, you do not spend percentages, you spend gross profit dollars that you take

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How to Advertise your Small Business

With unemployment on the rise and many companies tightening their belts, the thought might have crossed your mind as to whether you may be the next to be downsized. Even if the axe should fall in your direction at some

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Technology is here to stay

In today’s age of ever changing technology and way of life people are starting to move more and more towards the digital age to gain that competitive edge. It’s even making its way into the world of the NFL where

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“Show me a salesperson,” stated Bob, “that tells a prospect he isn’t going to buy and I’ll show you a salesperson who starves.” With that, Bob leaned back in his chair and waited for any of the other salespeople to

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10 Secrets to an Effective Mail Piece

Don’t waste money or get lost in the shuffle. Direct mail pieces need to catch your customers’ attention immediately and invite them to contact you for more details. Here are 10 easy ways to

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Dining for Daredevils: Amazing Amusement Park Food

Bored of funnel cakes and corndogs at your favorite amusement park? Tingle your taste buds with some of the most amazing amusement park food choices from across the country, including fried alligator bites and chili-and-cheese potatoes. Are you an Adventurous Eater? Credit

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Worlds of Fun

We head to some of the happiest places on Earth: Amusement Parks! Jonathan Goldtsein revisits one he worked at as a teen, Ira takes us behind the scenes at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, where the staff so love

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