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Marketing trends for 2011

As we jump into 2011, certain marketing trends will serve us well in the coming year: Social media is here to stay. This is a trend that will definitely continue in 2011. We need to stop thinking about the

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The Freedom of Running your own Business

Opening your own business is seen by many as part of the American Dream. As an entrepreneur, how well you succeed often comes down to how hard you work. Your earnings potential is largely influenced by what you do and

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Don’t Overlook The Concession Business

The concession business, in spite of being an industry worth billions of dollars, is often overlooked by many businessmen. However, if one chooses to invest some of his time in this field, and buying concession carts, he will be astonished

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Forecast: 1.7 billion mobile web users by 2013

If you have a website, especially a company website, and you are hoping to grow business, you might want to pay attention to this data, and take a good, hard look at how your site functions: The emergence of collaborative Web

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