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Create the Customer Experience with Twitter


Twitter is unique among the social media channels because it is truly real-time interaction. It is conversation-like and prompts your audience to respond in an immediate fashion. You can use this type of communication to engage your customers. And there’s application across the concession industry.

Stores, Banks, Car Dealers, etc. – If you’re hosting a sale or special event, create a hashtag to correspond with it. Promote it on your posters and other marketing materials to help generate excitement in advance of the event. You may also consider hosting a giveaway and using Twitter as a means to enter.

Stadiums & Arenas – You have a large captive audience, so use it to your advantage by asking them to follow you on Twitter. Make it interactive by posting questions related to the event and asking your followers to respond (using a hashtag of course!). Stream tweets on the big screen to encourage more participation.

Theatres – Incorporate your Twitter feed into the pre-show ads and/or display it on a screen in your lobby. Get guests to tweet about what movies they are seeing and what foods they’ll be snacking on during the show.

Non-profits – When you are hosting fundraisers, using a hashtag can be a way to attract attention to your cause. Post information that can be easily re-tweeted. When your supporters use it, their followers will see it and will be more likely to check out your page. You can also live stream video using Periscope with Twitter, which works well if you have a featured speaker.

Food Trucks – You are always on the move and Twitter gives you a way to share where you will be. If you are going to take part in a large event, find out if they have a hashtag and use it to promote your participation. You can also ask your followers where they’d like to see you to help determine what areas are your best potential hot spots.

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