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Can Facebook Ads Work for Concessions?



To successfully navigate Facebook for business purposes, Facebook advertising has become less of an option and more of a necessity. Your goal is to reach your target audience as effectively as you can. And paid advertising will help maximize your efforts.

Facebook has developed a robust advertising program with a variety of options. We’ll walk you through the options and give you examples related to the concession industry.

Objective – The first step to creating a Facebook ad is to determine what you want to accomplish. Here are three of the most popular options:

  • Page Post Engagement: Get more likes, comments and shares. (Example: A food truck owner wants to generate more comments on a post that asks what part of town the truck should visit next.)
  • Page Likes: Build your page audience by getting more Page Likes. (Example: A new popcorn shop is opening and wants to attract new likes and create awareness.)
  • Clicks to Website: Direct more traffic to your website. (Example: An auto dealership is having a big sale event complete with a hot dog lunch. They want to drive individuals to an event page where they can register for a prize and provide information about how likely they are to purchase a new vehicle.)

Ads can also link to events, videos, special offers or apps. Knowing your objective will help to shape the other components of your ad.

Targeting – The next step is identifying the audience you wish to reach. Here are the attributes you can use:

  • Location: Reach certain geographic areas or regions.
  • Demographics: Use information like age, gender, education and more.
  • Interests: Designate specific keywords of interests or activities.
  • Behaviors: Find people based on their purchase behaviors.
  • Connections: Target individuals who like your Page and their friends.

From the example scenarios above, the food truck could use location to target an audience within certain zip code ranges.

The new popcorn shop may use location combined with demographics that match a buyer’s profile.

And the auto dealership could use a combination of targeting including location, interest in a specific make of car and current connections.

Call-to-Action – A clear call-to-action defines what step you want the viewer to take when he/she sees your ad. It should be something that’s relevant, motivating and communicates a sense of urgency.

In the case of the food truck, it could read, “Comment to bring Joe’s Food Truck to a neighborhood near you!”

For the new popcorn shop, it might say, “Like our page for the latest on flavors, specials and our upcoming grand opening!”

The auto dealership may promote its contest by stating, “Fun, Food, Prizes & More! Click now to register to win! Then join us on Sat. July 11th!”

Visual – Visual content is more likely to catch the eye of your potential customer. You want to choose an image that will attract attention. There are guidelines for image sizes. Plus, no image can contain more than 20% text.

For our example of the food truck, a suggested image might be a photo of the actual food truck.

The new popcorn shop could have a photo of a nice gift basket showcasing an assortment of popcorn.

The auto dealership would possibly use a festive image of a car surrounded by balloons.


With 890 million people signing into Facebook every single day, it’s a huge opportunity for you to reach your targeted audience. It is worthwhile to consider Facebook advertising for concessions.

We will delve deeper into this topic and answer your questions during our Q&A discussion on Thursday, 6/11 at 2:00 p.m. EST. Go to our Facebook page and post your questions. You are also welcome to send your comments to [email protected] or call us directly at 800-543-0862 and speak with a member of our marketing team.