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5 Fudge Sales Promotions You’ll Want to Try

How can you motivate customers to buy? Nothing can help boost your fudge sales like the right promotion! Special promotions bring extra attention to your product and give an incentive for customers to buy now. And you don’t always have to run a discount to be effective. Here are five ideas that may encourage you to try a creative promotion at your shop!



  • The Christmas season is one of the top times for fudge sales. Tap into the nostalgia of that time of year with a Christmas in July promotion. You can feature some of your holiday favorite flavors like candy cane or egg nog. Gift wrapped packaging makes an added extra touch and serves as an eye-catching way to intrigue potential customers.
  • As students prepare to return to class, it’s the perfect opportunity to offer a Back-to-School promotion. Put together fudge gifts for teachers, bus drivers or other staff. And for those headed off to college, you can put together care packages containing the survival items they need most, plus a couple flavors of fudge too.
  • You’ve probably seen customers who have a hard time deciding what flavor to purchase. Make it easy and let them try multiple flavors with a Sampler Package. Just place 6 bite-sized pieces into one box. Prepackage a selection of your top sellers or allow guests to build their own.
  • Give back to a cause that you support by creating a Signature Charity Fudge. You commit to contributing a portion of the proceeds back to the organization. One example is to make a special pink fudge in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Promote it on social media and with on-site signage.
  • Try different things to get creative with your fudge’s presentation. When you make it fun and engaging, it leads to more sales! For example, create Cookie Cutter Fudge by pouring the fudge into cookie cutter molds and letting it set. Then sell as a special package, so customers will receive delicious and fun fudge, plus cookie cutters they can use too. You’re delivering a unique value, which is something that fosters customer loyalty.

Ready to put any of these promotional ideas into practice at your business? Gold Medal is here to help! If you’d like to learn more about our Sweet Selections® line of fudge equipment, mixes and supplies, let us know by calling 800-543-0862 or send us an email introducing yourself. We’d be happy to schedule a demo and give you a taste of how delicious and profitable fudge can be!