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Where to Set Up your Food Cart: The Possibilities are Endless

Where to Set Up your Food Cart: The Possibilities are Endless

One of the many benefits of owning a concession trailer business is the ability to set up shop where you want and when you want. If you have your own food cart — or multiple food carts — and it is your desire to cater to a particular customer base, venue, or event, you have the freedom to do so.

Many concession trailer owners are content with their “comfort zones.” A consistent rotation at certain sports fields or summer festivals can be advantageous in several ways. Such a system allows concessionaires to develop a fairly good sense of what to expect regarding profit potential and how much product to stock. They also become knowledgeable about the types of food and snacks those customers tend to gravitate toward.

“Branching Out” Has its Rewards

Despite the advantages of keeping a food trailer in familiar territory, some food stand owners may eventually find themselves in a bit of a rut. While some owners are comfortable with consistency and are fine with sticking to what works for them, others eventually begin to feel they might be limiting themselves and missing out on some lucrative opportunities.

Especially for those who make their living operating one or more concession stands, it is advisable to occasionally break out and “test the waters” by researching new locations. Those who “think outside the box” will often land vending locations few other concession trailer owners have occupied. Getting there first and possibly obtaining exclusive rights in a particular area can be as good as gold for the concessionaire.

Large street sales, fishing lakes, trade shows, craft shows, construction sites, and corporate outings are just some of the many possibilities vendors can investigate. It might require some groundwork, such as making calls to municipalities or scanning local ads to become aware of the availability of viable venues. Depending on the environment, it may also call for the purchase of new and different equipment such as a snow cone makerpretzel maker, or funnel cake equipment. But the ultimate payoff could be very well worth the effort and short-term expenditures.