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With larger venues and bigger crowds come more business opportunities, as well as unique challenges, for your concession stands. Whether your stands operate in a constrained space as in a theater or open areas like amusement parks, layout, efficiency and safety features are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when making decisions about concessions. Find resources here for choosing appropriate high-volume equipment and supplies, increasing customer satisfaction and sales, marketing your snacks effectively, and more.

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How to Make Cotton Candy in a Commercial Machine

How to Make Cotton Candy

Understanding the Process of Making Cotton Candy


Cotton candy is one of the simplest snacks to consume, but exactly how do you make it?


How Does a Cotton Candy Machine Work, Anyway?

The process is not unlike caramelizing sugar on a stovetop. Crystal sugar is poured into the machine’s spinner head, where the heating element melts it. The force of the spinning mechanism pushes the sugar against the heating element. Thus, the sugar is transformed into tiny strands, like a hard candy.


How to Make Cotton Candy

Always follow the instructions in your equipment manual. Fill the floss head 90% full of Flossugar. DO NOT overfill, and never add sugar when motor is running. Follow directions for power and heat controls. Make sure the room humidity isn’t too high, or the cotton candy will be too heavy.

When the unit begins to make floss, select a paper cone. With a light flicking action, roll the cone in the web of floss building up in the pan. Lift the cone up with the ring of floss attached and rotate the cone to wrap the floss. Don’t try to roll the floss with the cone still inside the pan – this will wrap it too tightly.

If the floss doesn’t stick to the cone, pass it near the spinner head to pick up a start of melted sugar. Then lift it out of the pan and wrap the floss using a figure-eight movement with your hand. Use this diagram for an example.

Cotton Candy Ingredients

Cotton candy is essentially just made of sugar. However, while you can make it using regular sugar, it’s recommended that you use specially formulated Flossugar instead. What is Flossugar? It’s made up of a larger granule sugar which absorbs color and flavor better, making a more consistent product. Flossugar produces the signature look and taste customers expect, from traditional pink vanilla and blue raspberry to more gourmet flavors.


Cotton Candy Machines and Accessories

To make great-tasting cotton candy, you’ll need the best equipment. Attract customer attention with an eye-catching cart or wagon, a colorful bubble cover, merchandisers to display your product, and other accessories.


Creative Cotton Candy Recipes

Ready to get more creative with your cotton candy? Add it to desserts or incorporate it into beverages! Find ideas and inspiration for gourmet cotton candy with these irresistible treats!