Large Popcorn Poppers, Machines and Popcorn Carts
Gold Medal Products Co.

From 18 to 52 oz. kettles, large-size popcorn machines are ideal for theaters, amusement parks, arenas/stadiums, popcorn shops, and more. They're a cinch to run and extremely durable to keep your profits popping for years to come.

Large Popcorn Machines
We’ve got the durable, easy-to-use popcorn machines to help you serve hot, fresh popcorn in a flash to the crowds. Kettle sizes range 18 to 52 oz. and are available with twin kettles. They’re made with the latest advancements from Updraft Ventilation and fire suppression systems to a FlexiPop® option, so you can tailor the batch size.
Popcorn Supplies
Now we're popping! From popcorn flavors to serving containers, Gold Medal has several popcorn supplies to keep your concession business rolling. Make classic buttered popcorn or get creative with caramel corn mix or even Glaze Pop®; either way, we've got the proper ingredients.