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Large Combo Cabinet Kit
Large Combo Cabinet Kit
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Large Combo Cabinet Kit

Customize your Humidified Warming Cabinet for pizza and pretzels with the Large Combo Cabinet Kit #5553-004. This kit from Gold Medal features a large combo rotisserie, 2 19" pizza pans and large combo graphics. This kit is compatible with the Humidified Warming Cabinets #5550-00 and #5550-01. Also, available Small Combo Cabinet Kit #5553-005.

  • #5553-004 Large Combo Cabinet Kit Large Combo Rotisserie, (2) 19” Pizza Pans, & Large Combo Graphics
  • #5553-005 Small Combo Rotisserie, (2) 15” Pizza Pans, and Small Combo Graphics
Dimensions: ″ x ″ x ″ (DxWxH)
Available Options:
  • #5553-04 Compatible Cabinets: #5550-00 and #5550-01
  • #5553-005 Compatible Cabinets #5551-00 and #5551-01



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